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Bash Your Mac Envy with Ubuntu on Windows

When I stumbled on Dustin Kurkland’s blog post Ubuntu on Windows – The Ubuntu Userspace for Windows Developers on March 31st I really thought I had found the...

CloudFlare Command Line Cache Clear

Here’ a quick and dirty way to refresh a site’s Cloudflare CDN cache from the command line. For large or high volume sites you would probably want to purge i...


Resurect Dead

In which I be toyin' with some new ideas to resurect this blog.


Where My WordPress At?

Wordpress installs multiply like bunnies. If you’ve got several WordPress domains hosted on a single server it’s easy to loose track of installed versions. ...

Harvest - Simplified Time and Billing

Ok, I’ve been using TimeSlips for project based billing since the DOS days before the web existed and we’ve always had a love-hate relationship. Actually u...

It's Incredibe

Day 2 with the HTC Incredible. This phone is amazing. I’m talking it it’s typing. I’ve logged on to my servers, updated my facebook page and even made a few ...


Whitelisting domains in gmail

For the past year or so I’ve been managing all my various email addresses from gmail. It’s been working well until a week before Christmas when the gmail’s ...


Listing Domains Managed on a Plesk Server

I’ve learned the hard way that while directly altering Plesk’s database is almost never a good idea, the Plesk database ‘PSA’ holds a ton of useful informati...

99 Percent Pure and Up

I’d pretty much sworn off Chinese food after a series of run-ins with the super-buffet’s common in the Midwest, and probably elsewhere. Our eastward move to...