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For years I’ve tried to impress upon clients my reverse field of dreams™ theory of site deployment. Everyone views their site launch with great excitement, but really:

If you build it, no one cares.

Such was the case with my little fledgling blog. It’s possible that it got the least traffic of any blog ever created. But I didn’t care. It was built as an experiment. I had a conference to go to and wanted to see if I could get a site while stuck in an airport with a technology I knew nothing about. ( I could ) I wanted to see if I could get something useful and not ugly out the door with Jekyll. ( It’s possible ) Life was good. A new technology was discovered and briefly evangelized, and then deadlines and other shiny things came into view. Somehow or other I forgot which development VM I used to build my little experiment. The dev machine was lost and the little blog was orphaned. And so it sat…

Here we go again

And so my little field of dreams is reborn. I’m looking for light weight, low overhead ways to get ideas out quickly. Lets see what we can make Jekyll do this time. This time I care. Just a tiny bit.