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Download Android for Kindle
Download Android for Kindle

The Kindle has been gathering dust since I got my HTC Incredible. For the most part I had been using the Kindle as a News feed reader. It made no sense to shell over subscription fees to Amazon to read news feeds when Google Reader on the Incredible gave me more flexibility with zero cost. I still love the Kindle, the screen is a nice break from the laptop screen, and it’s easier to cart around than a stack of books, but the Incredible is always in my pocket and access to all my Kindle stuff will be great.

Ok Amazon, listen up. I see your list of future improvements. You need to add “Share” to this list. I want to be able to highlight some text, hit share (just like I can in LOTS of other apps) and send it via email or post it on Facebook or twitter. If that’s in there now, I can’t find it. If it’s not, it should be. If you let folks send little quotes to people with a “check this out” note, YOU’LL SELL MORE BOOKS. I promise. Make it so. Please.