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I’d pretty much sworn off Chinese food after a series of run-ins with the super-buffet’s common in the Midwest, and probably elsewhere. Our eastward move to a teeny tiny town has left us with damn few culinary options. After nearly a year, I wandered into Ming Moon, a strip mall restaurant squeezed in between the Rite-Aid and a Verizon store, and it was a beautiful thing.

Two times 99 is really pure, right?

Fast forward six months and I’ve eaten my way through half the menu and, but for the fried dumplings (don’t let them sit for an hour in a truck and then eat 8 of them), I’ve been in moo-shoo, won-ton glory.

Last week I found their 100lb secret yummy ingredient, sitting right there for all to see. Had I known that all these years it was not MSG that was making me feel all itchy and odd, but inferior MSG, oh the time I could have saved. Like bad drugs cut with rat poison, inferior MSG is ruining perfectly good evenings the world over.

And I’ll bet this is just the beginning…